We’ve Got Eggs!

Truly Pastured Eggs are now available for sale. Whether you need 2 dozen or 20 dozen, we've got you covered. Add eggs to your weekly order this week.

Take a virtual tour of our barn and processing room

When I started with the hopes of one day owning a raw dairy, I had an image in my mind of how the milk parlor would/should be set up. However, it actually wasn’t until I started milking and processing raw milk, did I really figure out what worked for me.  While I grew up in the country and was always around cattle, never had I stepped foot into a small working dairy.  There was a few pictures online that help give me some inspiration but nothing that really worked with what I already had.

Originally, our barn was designed and built for miniature show horses. So the stalls and set up is a bit, well, miniature.  But I was determined to make it work, with minimal expense, a few minor adjustments and an addition of a clean processing room.


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