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The Farmstead

Like many, I have dreamed about having a self sufficient homestead for the majority of my adult life. Not only for the obvious but to get back to living a lifestyle the way I believe God intends us to live; knowing how to grow and harvest our own food; knowing how to “hunt and gather” but mostly knowing how and where our food comes from,  using our own two hands (and maybe a few tractors).seth field

About 16 year, I put my ambitions to work and started my homestead dreams.    In one summer, my energetic self, went from wearing scrubs every day, to dirt under my fingernails and milking goats. I haven’t looked back since.  Long are the days of goats on the farm,  but milking has stayed to true to the homestead.  With a herd of 10 Jerseys, my milk cup runneth over.  We currently milk only three of our cows at a time.  With a lactation rotation of eight month, our cows stay happy, well nourished and deliver healthy calves.

Our cows are on pasture 24/7 during spring to the fall months.  Once the snow hits, the girls get spoiled with free choice hay and alfalfa.

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