We’ve Got Eggs!

Truly Pastured Eggs are now available for sale. Whether you need 2 dozen or 20 dozen, we've got you covered. Add eggs to your weekly order this week.

Truly Pastured Eggs



Raising Truly Pastured Eggs

Our farmstead is home to 200 pastured laying hens! We are big advocates for heritage breeds and have been raising the Buckeye breed chickens for nearly 14 years.  This breed is an incredible forager, spending their days doing exactly what chickens do, scratching for bugs, grubs and eating grasses. The flock has free range to enjoy farm grit all day and supplemented with locally grown, locally milled non-gmo, corn free and soy free grain.  Our Chickens are never caged. Never given any growth hormones or medications.


Currently selling farm fresh eggs at $4.00 dozen. Whether you need 2 dozen or 20 dozen, the Farmstead has got you covered.  Add a few dozen to your order today.


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