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Making Raw Butter and Cultured Buttermilk

The act of making homemade, naturally cultured butter today is a lost art. When I tell people that I make my own butter, they scrunch up there face and say “I would love to do that but I don’t have the time!” Sure you do! Oh I know, you envision me standing outside next to my cow in a long cotton hand sewn dress and a linen apron with sweat beating off my face, hand churning butter in a large wooden vat, right? Seriously?! Ain’t nobody got time for that! As a matter of fact, making homemade butter couldn’t be easier.

Now, I have made butter before in my KitchenAid countertop mixer and let me tell you, it is messy! And I have made butter with a hand mixer and it takes forever. However, a food processor or high-powered blender such as a Ninja is quick, easy and clean.

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