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Dairy Cows

Our Dairy consist of only Jersey cows.  Currently there are 7 cows on the farms and one Mini Bull.



Rusty is the hunk on the farm.  He is our only bull.  Rusty is a miniature Jersey and will mature to a whooping 35-45 inches.  He is the biggest teddy bear around and loves to fall asleep in my lap.


daisy profile

Daisy is the lead cow.  She is A2A2  certified by UC Davis.  She is currently the only hand milked cow on the farm.  She’s a bit sassy and is Alpha.  She is classified as a mid-sized jersey, measuring 48 inches.  Daisy is three years old and is on her second freshening.  Daisy is currently giving one quart of cream per gallon of milk.



Sharee is my go-to heavy milker.   She pumps out a remarkable 6-7 gallons per day.  She is A2A2 certified by U C Davis.  Sharee is a tall Jersey, measuring 54″.


“Belle” is the shy cow on the farm.  She is mid-sized and an excellent creamer. Belle is A2A2 certified by U C Davis.


millhorn farmstead creamery raw dairy

Maggie is a tall jersey, measuring almost 53 inches.  Maggie came from a commercial dairy. She is a bit shy but with a bit persistence, she is slowing making her presence know and is quickly gaining rank among the rest of the herd. Maggie is currently giving 6 gallons of milk per day and is bred for a July calf.


Marley is a 6 year old, 52 inch Jersey.  She is currently bred with her third calf and due mid-July.  Marley is the heart of the dairy.  She is the cow that taught me what it means to be a cow girl.   She is a excellent milker and a amazing mother, nursing every calf in the pasture.

rawsome dairy, homesteading , raw milk

UPDATE. Aug 2016. Marley passed away after calving from milk fever.  She had a 3 week long battle and ultimately surcame to the illness.  She will forever be missed.  The farm may never  feel complete again without.  I miss her sweet face every day.  RIP Marley Mae


Annie profile

Annie is also new to the herd this year.  She is the oldest cow on the farm at 7 years old.  She is currently dry and bred with her third calf.  Annie resembles more of a hippo then a cow, as she is a bit overweight.


Rawsome dairy. Elsie. Raw Milk.

Elsie is a tall purebred Jersey.  She is my “project cow”.  She is currently dry and unbred.  However with patience and a bit of working, I’m hoping to turn Elsie into a wonderful milk cow one day.